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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why is owning a Club Tub such a golden opportunity?
Have you ever been in a bowling alley? If you have, you'll notice that every bowling alley has a bowling ball cleaner. Hmmmmmmmm. What a business opportunity that was years ago. Now you have the same chance to get into a similar business on the ground floor since there are over 17,000 golf courses in the US alone! Anyone who takes their game with even a moderate degree of seriousness realizes the competitive advantage that clean clubs gives you. Owning a Club Tub will allow you to give them this competitive advantage and past experience tells us that once they use it, they'll keep using it over and over again!
Why use ultrasonics to clean golf clubs?
Ultrasonic cleaning is the most thorough cleaning process known to science. It is a safe and effective way of cleaning using environmentally friendly, non-toxic and biodegradable cleaning solutions, while cutting labor costs and increasing productivity through fast and effective cleaning.
How long does a grip cleaning last?
A grip cleaning usually lasts between 3-5 rounds before cleaning again.
How often should club heads be cleaned?
Club heads should preferably be cleaned at least every 2 rounds.
What should I charge for this service?
Ultrasonic golf club cleaning is a $6-$10 service. You can set a fixed price, however, most successful operators use a "tips only" pricing structure and average about $8/set.
Will golfers regularly use this service?
Experience has shown that golfers truly find this to be an important and desirable service. It is common for golfers to regularly use the service every 2-4 rounds they play.
How long does it take to clean a set of clubs?
Cleaning time is approximately 3 minutes per set. This includes both cleaning the grips and club heads.
Does the Club Tub come in different sizes?
It used to come in two different sizes, and if you watch the video you may see both sizes. However, now we only sell the smaller size.
How much does it cost to run the business?
The greatest thing about this business is that once you purchase a Club Tub the only other overhead are cleaning solutions which cost only pennies per day.
Is equipment leasing available?
Yes. Clients will frequently use leasing as a way to purchase 1 or more pieces of equipment. Equipment can be leased from anywhere in the United States.
Are distributorships available?
Yes. Limited territories are available. If you wish to be a Distributor we will begin to acquire leads for your territory through our international marketing.

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