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Make $200+ per day for less than $200 per month!

Income Projections

Although the following table is based on an average of $8 / set, you can charge whatever you like for this service. An average workday is 6 hours - from 7a.m. to 1 p.m.

Time Sets Daily Earnings Weekly Earnings Monthly Earnings
1 HR. 12 Sets @ $8.00 ea. $92.00 $576.00 $2,304.00
2 HR. 24 Sets @ $8.00 ea. $192.00 $1152.00 $4,608.00
3 HR. 36 Sets @ $8.00 ea. $288.00 $1728.00 $6,912.00
4 HR. 48 Sets @ $8.00 ea. $384.00 $2,304.00 $9,216.00
5 HR. 60 Sets @ $8.00 ea. $480.00 $2,880.00 $11,520.00
6 HR. 72 Sets @ $8.00 ea. $576.00 $3,440.00 $13,824.00

Since golfers commonly use the service every 2-4 rounds they play, the Club Tub can easily pay for itself in far less than just 3 months based on less than minimum projections. Don't forget to contact us and ask about our Hassle Free Financing where most credit situations are approved.

Customer Comment: David Blane

What a move! I needed to make a change in my Occupation so I started researching all kinds of Business Opportunities, to make a long story short I came across this concept of Ultrasonic Golf Club Cleaning.

There were several companies on the Market doing so. WHO WOULD I CHOOSE?? was the question. Like most, I am the type that has to get good value for my money, and where ever possible Deal with experienced people in any technical field. And feel completely confident in the person marketing the Product.

My choice was quickly decided for me. All of this seemed to be under one Umbrella, CLUB TUB!! Upon my first discussion with Marc Miller, the President of Club Tub, I couldn't help but feel "at home" with someone with the experience that he has in this Business. What impressed me was, that he wasn't just selling or manufacturing machines, but he and his whole family where deeply involved in the business, they had complete hands on experience to offer. This make a big difference in a persons confidence level. So the choice was easy!! The rest is History!!

If you are looking for a close to perfect Job opportunity, this would be the option for you. Can you think of something better than working out in the Sun meeting people from all over the Country offering them a service they can't refuse. If you do give Club Tub a call.

Sincerely, David Blane
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