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The Mini Club Tub

Photos & Club Tub Details

The Club Tub's quality starts with its sturdy body and frame. Its durable, heavy stainless steel construction ensures that you'll have trouble-free, worry-free operation for years into the future!

Our controls bring you an amazing combination of versatility and simplicity.

In addition to heat and generator switches, the Club Tub features an EXCLUSIVE SOUNDWAVE INTENSITY CONTROL!

Different club materials - wood, aluminum, graphite, and titanium - demand different strength settings.

Using the intensity control knob, you'll be able to precisely adjust the intensity of the ultrasonic soundwaves for every set of clubs you clean.

The Club Tub's intensity control knob ensures the safest, most thorough cleaning possible - a guarantee you won't find anywhere else

Plus, the Club Tub also has an exclusive rack that enables you to clean two sets at once!

While you clean the heads of one set, you'll clean the grips of another. The Club Tub's exclusive rack means that you won't need a bigger, more expensive tank in order to clean two sets in three minutes!

The Club Tub's quality, sturdy, clever design goes right down to the wheels. We give you four tough, locking wheels that prevent the Club Tub from moving while cleaning!

The Club Tub's unique combination of features and ultra-tough construction makes it the best choice for you!

Customer Comment: Darrell E. Figueredo

Dear Mr. Miller,

I am a newcomer to the golf world. I have not heard of all the tricks and gadgets that are out on the market. When I got my clubs cleaned at the Chi Chi & The Zinger Kids Klassic, my clubs were dirty. Honestly, I did not know you were supposed to clean them. I was very surprised at the way your product cleaned not only the surface but also the deep dirt that have embedded into my clubs. I have been asking my local club to get the Club Tub. Thank you very much Marc.


Darrell E. Figueredo
Development Executive
Chi Chi Rodriquez Youth Foundation
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